Next Unit Contest 2- Heirakonpolis Archers- Standard and Musician

This is a break from the "Horrible Halloween Minis" thing to bring you the latest figs for the Next Unit Contest 2. The Standard and Musician for the Heirakonpolis-themed Asar Archers.

I've got a handful of Warhawks (not enough for a full unit) and the musician is one of them. I figured since the Archer Unit is going to be Heirakonpolis-themed that a guy with a falcon helmet was a good idea for the musician.

For the Standard, I took the top from the female Basti MoW's staff and put it in place of the standard Asar standard (it seems a little too big to me). So now we've got a Scarab Standard for the Archers. Even though this guy looks good and fits the theme of the unit, he's probably going to be a floater once I finish an Archer chick with a standard.

This brings the unit total to 8 leaving 4 more to reach our goal! I need to go paint now...


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