Horrible Halloween Minis- Birthday Secret Jedi Girls

Marissa and Mychala NEVER check here unless I'm right there and say "hey, you should see this mini I put on my blog. That said I would not be surprised if they both came here before their joint birthday party and saw these. But I haven't decided what to do with the bases yet (maybe a design that matches up on them so if they're side by side they look even cooler?)- so at least that will be a surprise...

Marissa turned 16 (?!?!!?) earlier in October, so she got the older of the two Hasslefree 'not-Jedi Kids' girls. For both of them I cut off the sword and used a bit of brass pin for the lightsabers. They're so small/short that the lightsaber had to stick over the edge of the base. It looks cool but was a BLEEP! to get the length just right.

My young twin Mychala turns 12 BLEEP! on my birthday in November. It sort of fits with her having the pigtails 'not-Jedi girl' since she's youngest. Plus the mini is shouting which kinda fits Mychala well because her 'blabber is full.' She got a blue cloak and lightsaber because that's her favorite color and she always gets what she wants. ;P

I hope they like them. Now I have to find a fig that I can use as a Jedi conversion of me so we can play some Jedi duels or something!


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