Monday, March 11, 2019

Wandering Tech Priest and Apprentice

Tamabuku,a Wandering Tech Priest, and his apprentice Kyzres, of the Noble House of Rueste, have been sitting unpainted since mid-2018. I finally made enough time to get them both finished. The conversions were what appealed to me most, I don't know if they'll be getting additional companions as a larger warband, but some ideas have been forming as these two reached completion.

Kyzres started life as a Mordheim figure (Middenheim Youngblood) and I always wanted to give her some high tech gear. Long ago I found the pistol and added it to her- the rest came much later. When i was looking for an apprentice for the Wandering Tech Priest I realized that less is more sometimes and I thought it would be neat to add some techy bits coming out of the wolf pelt. So an antenna from somewhere and 2 thin guitar stringswere drilled into the pelt.
I tried to give her unnaturally pale skin to show her losing her humanity to the technology she's hooked herself to. The dress was going to be much more elaborate, but I can't freehand very wellso it just turned into the blue tatters.

Tamabuku is a slightly converted Rezolution miniature (APAC Arashi) who I always wanted to do somethign like this with. I think it was after seeing the new (at the time) Necromunda bounty hunter with the big hat I finally realized what to do. Various Mechanicus bits were pinned to him and a guitar string mechandrite finished off the conversion bits.
His skin is very pale- likely enhanced with techno-plastics. You can just make out the glow of a screen in the front of the brim of his hat.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2 More HeroForge Miniatures for Other People

I've painted some HeroForge minis in the past that were... grainy (the nicest way to describe them). But recently I finished painting a couple of newer material HeroForge miniatures and they were quite smooth. A vey welcome change from past experiences.

These latest examples have made me consider esigning a mini through their website (like I need more unpainted minis in my life) because the execution has come a long way in a short period of time.