Sunday, January 20, 2019

First Mini of 2019 -Reaper Bones Cthulhu Statue

Finished shortly after midnight on January 1, this was an easy series of drybrushed layers over a dark basecoat. Another Cthulhu-themed statue from the Reaper Bones Kickstarters.

The very basic color choices help this piece fit into almost any setting I might need. I was mad at myself for not knocking thsi one out earlier.

Sleazy Merchant and alleged Crime Lord Hรคbo (Forge of Ice shows off his latest acquisition as one of his dancers (Basti from Crocodile Games) and a business associate (Dark Fable) stand by. 

Great Uncle Thulu (West Wind- Empire of the Dead) admires a family heirloom.

The Scroll Traveller (converted Bones figure with a WarGods Tethru head), Mr. Brown (slightly converted skull from Dragon Forge Designs), and the Minismith (converted Void 1.1 militia) examine this dark artifact to determine what sort of threat to it could pose to reality...