Friday, January 11, 2019

Final 2018 Minis- Black Crab Miniatures 'Bone Prophets'

These were the last miniatures finished up in 2018 but only recently photographed. From the short but sweet Kickstarter campaign from Black Crab Miniatures. I was trying to think of what to call them since there is no official title for the trio and settled on "the Bone Prophets." They are likely going to see duty in some dark far-future narrative skirmish gaming.

Very nice resin figures that needed little clean up. The guy on the left had a little mishap while I was removing him from the sprue so that the spikes ont he top of his 'hat' were damaged enough that I removed them entirely as can be seen below.

I was very tempted to convert this guy's head and/or hand with some techy bits but resisted the urge.

Some other miniatures for a sense of scale- here we have the Governor and his entourage (Colony 87 and converted Malifaux) striking a deal with the Bone Prophets.

Finally, the War Doctor (Heresy Miniatures) fends off the Bone Prophets and their maddening scheme.