Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tech Scribe and Treasure Piles

We'll say these are connected because the scribe is taking inventory of the treasure...

First up, some Dwarven Forge gold piles from their first Kickstarter. Not very impressive, but piles of gold are piles of gold. The others elow are all from the Mantic Terrain Crate Kickstarter. While there are a few mod lines I didn't see until I was already into the painting, you really don't notice them unless they're pointed out or you're very observant. 

These Nekharu marauders rummage through the treasure in search of some specific evil trinket for their master.

Another INQ 28-ish conversion. This time a Scribe or Bureaucrat for the far-gothic-future. The mini is the Governor's Proxy from Malifaux. He had a tiny feathered quill that needed to be replaced with the much more impressive plastic bit. He also got a bionic eye added and a pouch for his belt.

Some comparison shots with a few of the Colony 87 miniatures. He is a bit short.