Sunday, March 18, 2018

Science Guys, a Computer, and a Chaos Slug

An updated older figure rebased, a new scientist, a computer terminal and a gross slug monster. Not sure how they all ended up finished together.

One of the computer terminals from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. Based on a 30mm round so it can act as an opbjective or a piece of terrain.

Above: SCIENCE! Below: The other style of computer terminal from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter.

Another Scibor Chaos Slug. While finishing this one up I realized I have some other figures that would go well with the Chaos Slugs to form a disgusting warband. I think I may need to order Madame from Heresy Miniatures once I get the other figures painted...
Above: The new slug with the first one. Below: Both Slugs with the Haslefree Space Girl, she's surrounded by these disgusting creatures...

From Hasslefree, Dr. William Bludd, the punk rock scientist...

From long ago, this Black Cat Bases Self Experiment (aka Dr. Koax) figure has been rebased and touched up a bit.

Most of the scientist-types together with the 2 computers. There's another Black Cat Bases figure to be rebased soon and I think I have (or need to get) some other sciencey types to add to the mix.