Monday, January 29, 2018

Wanakantaka - Fallen Spacegod Cyber Sorcerer With a Vulture Head!

This collection of bits has been sitting around partially painted for over a year. As part of my 'resolution' to try to clean off the painting desk as much as possible before putting together any other minis to paint, I finally got this guy finished.

Based on one of the mystical-themed (?) plstic base inserts from Micro-Art Studios and Coolmini's Kickstarter.
Wanakantaka is a mix of mostly GW bits with a Crocodile Games Nekharu head. I saw the Chaos Sorcerer body and knew right away that I wanted to put a Nekharu head on it.

Size comparison with some olde Kev White sculpted Star Trek Security figures (space cops).

And here we have Wanakantaka facing off against the Scroll Traveller, Shefdu. Below, the War Doctor stands against Wanakantaka's latest mad scheme to reshape the universe in his own image.