Friday, March 24, 2017

Space/Cyber Dragon WIP 2 (The Base)

I finally decided to go ahead with the Dragonforge Goth Tech Expansion 60mm base from their Kickstarter. It's a pretty solid resin piece with a nice look to it.
For the dragon's right foot, I added a battle-damaged AT-43 Therian to the base in the right spot. To make sure he doesn't move, I pinned his head to the base and glued his remaining foot near the edge of the base. He seems pretty secure now.
For the dragon to be attached to the base I decided to pin his tail and left foot to the base. These pins are still loose now because I figured the base and dragon should be painted separately to make it all go smoother.

I think the composition is pretty good for his action pose. For these pics I swapped the weapons around from last time because-- magnets!
Some painting should be in the next update.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Space/Cyber Dragon WIP (With Magnets!)

From one of the Reaper Bones Kickstarters, the Pathfinder dragon has sat based and barely started for over a year...

Then a couple of weeks ago I got the idea to add convert something bigger for the Dysprosian Brotherhood (wandering cyborg adventurer warband). What would be a cool cyborg? How about that dragon that didn't really hold my painting interest?
So I started looking at bits and searching for pictures of other similar conversions online. I didn't find anything that really helped. Finally I just decided to start hacking away and see what came out.
First up I thought of an eye implant, and maybe chopping off an arm to add a metal one (I didn't have a good replacement so that idea went a different direction). And a shoulder mounted gun! That would be cool.

After looking at how to possibly mount a gun on his shoulder, I came to the conclusion that I should use some of those little magnets I got a while back. Then I could have an optional gun to swap back and forth. Then came a lot of searching YouTube for magnetizing videos until I felt comfortable enough to start drilling. It was much easier than I expected and now I'm afraid I might start going overboard with magnets...
On his back I decided some sort of power pack or generator thing would be needed. After the magnetized guns were decided on, I realized he needed someplace to keep the extra gun while not in use, so the little node on his right hip was found in my bits to get a magnet too.

The left arm is going to be the 'cybernetic' arm, so I added a couple of modified shoulder pads and a bit of guitar string on the inside forearm to help give a more cybernetic look.
I haven't decided on the base yet, but if I go with this base there will be a damaged robot or something under his right foot. I've not convinced myself that I'm done with cyber-enhancements yet. Maybe something in the wings? The tip of his tail? I don't want to let the converting get too out of control.