Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1st Mini of 2017- "Doctor of War" by Heresy

I got my package from the Heresy Kickstarter on the 31st and I was quite pleased with everything (still kicking myself for not getting the Madame Ner'Gabba!). From that package I present my first painted mini of 2017...

The excellent sculpt almost painted itself and I love how he turned out. I decided against a plain base and decided to go with one of the high-tech rubble bases from the CMON/MicroArt Studios bases Kickstarter. It seemed a fitting base for the War Doctor.

Some action shots of the War Doctor versus Biotronics (my not-Cybermen) above and some D1Ks (my not-Daleks) below.

A possible cross-franchise companion above. Below, the War Doctor with the Repaer Bones Tardis.