Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hasslefree Retro Sci-Fi Female Away Team

From Kev White's excellent sculpting tools- the 3 not-StarFleet chicks. I based them all on some of the Sedition Wars bases.

Security Chief Marquez with her phaser.

Captain Randall with her sexy walk (or maybe she had too much alien booze).

And the excellent Dr. Grant with her tri-corder.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Scrolltraveller, Chaos Slug, and some Undead

I finally got some miniatures finished and photographed again.

First up, a Chaos Slug from Scibor. 
The pics don't show the slime trail as "wet" as it is in person, but it still looks gross.

Next, a couple of the Dark Fable Egyptian skeletons from one of the Indiegogo campaigns. I need to get more of the figures from those past campaigns completed before the next one starts!

This guy finally got finished after a year or more partially painted. One of the Fists of Anubis minis of the Pharon faction from the long gone Vor line of minis. I had several and planned a bunch of conversions, but I finally decided to just go with this one as a space mummy gunslinger known as Khaaten Hotep, to cause trouble among the spaceport denizens.

Finally, the centerpiece of this update- Shefdu the Scrolltraveller with his Black Quill. Check out the The Duelling Scrolls blog for some of Shefdu's history in WarGods of Ægyptus. This is the young Shefdu after he sort of went rogue and stole the Black Quill and learned how to travel through the scrolls. These travels took him on many untold adventures to different times and places- or was it all just in his head? 
This figure lets me bring Shefdu to different settings (from sci-fi to pulp to whatever) on the tabletop. He's based on one of the scenic bases from the CMON Kickstarter.
Let's end with a pic of an older wiser Shefdu Sootootma, Harbinger of Thoth, meeting the younger Scrolltraveller version of himself. This could rip the fabric of reality to shreds!!!