Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zombie Kids and Time Travellers

 These Kid Zombies are from Studio Miniatures. There were 6 in the pack but the last one just didn't do anything for me so she's in the pile of partially painted zombies to be seen to at a later date.

Below are tehse Zombie Kids with some adult zombies from other manufacturers (Zombie Plague, Zombiesmith, Wargames Factory, Mantic).

 Heresy's NerdLord on a Sedition Wars base.

 And the NerdLord with some Reaper blue box thingy.

 From the Havoc Protocol Kickastarter, the Hacker Girl- she's going to part of a Temporal Crisis Response Team acting as the team's Temporal Hacker.

And this is somethign that's in progress. Not sure exactly what it is...