Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rogue Trader-ish Update (Colony 87 and more)

All from Kickstarters: 2 from the recent Colony 87, 1 from the recent Trash Bash Bits, and one from Bones 2.

 Another sci-fi/steampunk piece from Reaper's Bones 2 Kickstarter. Below, the Minismith and Mr Brown attempt to defuse the nefarious anti-reality bomb...

 The 'Wandering Alexi' mini from Colony 87 Kickstarter. His original staff head broke off so I replaced it with this plastic bit. He is now "Herald of the Great Bakka the Dragon Cosmic."
 Below, instead of just a plain old base, I decided to fancy it up a bit with some grating.

 From Brian Roe's Trash Bash Bits Kickstarter the Carrot Man add-on. I didn't really like his blaster so gave him a nice plastic bolter I had lying around.

 Another Colony 87 mini, this is the 'Lady Greis' mini that I've renamed "Madame Uvular Tashkent" with her lil' buddy.

 Like Alexi above, I didn't want a plain base for her, so I snipped off the slotta tab and pinned her to one of the Sedition Wars bases.