Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rogue Trader-ish Update (Colony 87 and more)

All from Kickstarters: 2 from the recent Colony 87, 1 from the recent Trash Bash Bits, and one from Bones 2.

 Another sci-fi/steampunk piece from Reaper's Bones 2 Kickstarter. Below, the Minismith and Mr Brown attempt to defuse the nefarious anti-reality bomb...

 The 'Wandering Alexi' mini from Colony 87 Kickstarter. His original staff head broke off so I replaced it with this plastic bit. He is now "Herald of the Great Bakka the Dragon Cosmic."
 Below, instead of just a plain old base, I decided to fancy it up a bit with some grating.

 From Brian Roe's Trash Bash Bits Kickstarter the Carrot Man add-on. I didn't really like his blaster so gave him a nice plastic bolter I had lying around.

 Another Colony 87 mini, this is the 'Lady Greis' mini that I've renamed "Madame Uvular Tashkent" with her lil' buddy.

 Like Alexi above, I didn't want a plain base for her, so I snipped off the slotta tab and pinned her to one of the Sedition Wars bases.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mr Brown and Some Other Stuff

Finally a few things actually done!

 First up is a special miniature of 'Mr Brown' the skull from my desk at work- well an idealized version of him to go with the Minismith figure. I figured it was time Mr Brown got his own mini so he will stop bugging me about it.
He's perched on a book or maybe it's a tablet computer. There's also a quill next to the book and blue flowers coming out of his left eye just like the one on my desk.

 Here we have a side-by-side with the Minismith. Mr Brown's movement is somethign you don't need to worry about,he gets where he needs to go... Below we have the duo investigating something, they'll probably have to save the world soon.

Next we have a dryad mini from GW that was a test piece for a few others with much more conversion work. I wanted them to look sort of technorganic, but it didn't turn out quite how I imagined so for the others I'm going another route. She's not horrible and will definitely fit in with the spaceport population.

 Here we have the only mini from the Drake Kickstarter that I've managed to paint yet. I was really looking forward to the dragons from Drake but the delays are ongoing and frustrating. This guy will likely find most use in the unofficial Babylonian Warband for WarGods that I'm slowly working on.

 Finally, from the Bones 2 Kickastarter, the cargo container! Although the pics have revealed some areas that need a little touchup I still think it came out pretty passable.
 Above is the inside, not very exciting unless you see the pic I'm putting on Facebook. Below the whole Bones 2 collection of boxes.

A Wargames Factory greatcoat Cthood Trooper and a Hasslefree figure showing off how the cargo container works.