Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not-Riddick, Grey Alien, and 2 Space Rats

 From the defunct Harbinger Magazine jerks- one of their excellent Greys with big space gun.
 From Heresy Miniatures, a very nice "not-Riddick" figure.

I've finally gotten started on the box of Mantic's Space Skaven Verrmyn.

And a special bonus, a couple of minis I painted up for ebay (more pics of these at my ebay pics blog).

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October SciFi Minis Extension- Elder Thing, Olde RT 40K, Sedition Wars Firebrand and Lame Barricades

 From the ancient pre-Necromunda Confrontation minis, this is one of the Tech Gang members. They came with separate metal arms that you could fill with all sorts of weapons- this guy got a VOID pulse rifle that seems to suit him quite well....

 From Nameless Design's Eldritch Empires HP Lovecraft inspired miniatures, I've finally finished the first of the Elder Things (or Makers). It's on a 30mm base so some of the tentacles stick off the base a little. This guy is destined as another Space Station Denizen, the most alien one so far. There are others to be made that I'm thinking about giving tools or weapons to.

 From Studio McVey's Sedition Wars line of figures this is a Firebrand Female Drone Trooper. Pretty straightforward, she'll make a good addition to my mass of humanoids with guns for all sorts of uses.

This guy was originally painted sometime last century, I saw him recently and thought he could use a little touchup. I fixed his flak armor and the barrel of his bolter, as well as a little skin work and the laces of his boots. A bit more presentable now...

 And finally some Lame Terrain. I thought these plastic dividers would work with one of my storage boxes, but they're too big. So a dozen or so of these have sat around with my hobby stuff for years and years. When I was digging for something specific recently I came across these again and sat them on the table near some minis. When I saw that they're a pretty good size for 28mm stuff I decided to paint a couple to see how they would look. And now I have these passable multi-genre barricades/walls/doors/blast shields. More of these to come...