Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Monsters- First KS Bones Figure and more

Kicking off July with 3 large monsters, including the first of the Kickstarter Bones minis I managed to finish. These monsters will all be used primarily as Titans for WarGods of Olympus. You can see more about them at the WarGods blog HERE.

First up, a Cthulhu figure from Fantasy Flight Games' Bag o'Cthulhu. This is the larger size from the bag, the base is 40mm square.

I don't remember where this monster came from, but he's pretty weird and will fit nicely with the others...

 The treeman figure from the Reaper Kickstarter somehow became the first of the Bones to get assembled and painted. I like how he turned out. A pretty quick and easy paint job. I didn't prime him before painting and here were a couple of times I wish I had. Plus when I applied a thinned ink wash there was a little trouble with some painted areas washing away. With more practice this shouldn't be a problem on future Bones.

Here we have him next to a Crocodile Games Satyr. They look good together...