Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What To Paint Next? - WarGods Edition

I've done a couple of cool conversions (the 2 figs in the middle) lately but I've had trouble deciding what to paint next. Of these 4 WarGods-themed minis which one do you think should get the honor of paint next?

First is a Celtos Priestess sculpted by Kev White. I did one of these before and painted her up like Ororo (Storm) from the X-Men. This one will again be used as a Priestess of Isis and I'm going to try the Ororo look with better results...

Next up is a little Satyr Hero. This is another Kev White mini, converted with hair, a bow, and quiver. He was bleep to get together how I wanted, but I think he turned out pretty much how I saw him in my head.

Thirdly is a converted Priestess of Isis. I decided that I need to have another Mistress of Words available, so I went with a scorpion-theme and decided to call her Selket (after the scorpion goddess). She'll have some interesting writhing on the unfurled scroll that helps cover up the area where I removed the macehead.

Finally there's the Priest of Ptah (possibly a stand-in Master of Words too). Nothing done to him, sadly.
So vote for A B C or D (or 1-4 or a description). The winning mini will be finished in a few days of the final tally and put up for viewing.

This bonus picture is a comparison of the Satyr Hero and one of the actual Satyr figs (partially painted).