Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minismith's Forge Edition "Priest of Aten Revealed" Conversion

Those brave souls who took part in the Akhenaton Heresy WarGods World Campaign Finale at GenCon 2009 got to keep one of the "Priest of Aten Revealed" miniatures.

A little background- the Atenist warbands had Priests of the new heretic god Aten. These mysterious figures were believed to be normal humans but during the big fight at GenCon their true form was revealed. I think it was after the Old Gods' 'surgical strike team' (a Typhon Assassin, an Anubi Embalmer, and someone else I forgot because it was a long time ago- sorry) destroyed the Ark of Aten. Tons of snakes poured out of it and formed a giant writhing snake monster the Firstborn of the S'syth/Apohpis. The Priests of Aten were revealed to be S'syth agents with serpent heads.

Alex Bates, the biggest WarGods fan in Alaska, has often lamented that he didn't get one of these specially converted miniatures. He's a hardcore collector of Crocodile Games' miniatures and has at least one of almost everything released and unreleased-- except for the Priest of Aten Revealed figure that only a handful of folks have. So I taunt Alex from afar with pictures of mine from time to time.

Until now...

I decided to put my considerable conversion skills towards pacifying Alex. The result is a totally unique version of the Priest of Aten Revealed. Sure he's got a cobra head instead of the slithery generic snake head, but that just makes him even cooler.

Chris Fitzpatrick gave me a few of the cobra heads a couple of years ago to use as I would. He cast them up for his own personal use for terrain projects and stuff. I, however, have used them in a few conversions to make a cobra-headed lion, a cobra-headed mummy, some other cobra-headed thing, and this Priest of Aten Revealed. I have 3 left because I sent one to Alex along with the mini.

For the paint scheme I went with a slightly more fancy version of the original (most of the originals were finished the night before the big game). The main thing is the alternating colors on his belt.

I think he turned out pretty good and I hope Alex likes him and will use him with a smile, knowing that his is the rarest of all....

I shall avoid the temptation to do up another of these- it'll at least have a different priest body if I do.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Post-GenCon 2011 Flurry

Well, maybe just a sprinkle, but there has been some progress on some stuff in the past few days.

First up we have the Aspect of the Huntress conversion that was started after GenCon 2010. Longtime MF readers may remember this post.

Now it can be revealed that the human body is indeed that of a rare Harbinger of Isis (!). Some may be upset that this figure was chopped up for this project, but she had a badly miscast foot and Fitz gave me a replacement so I didn't want to waste the bits potential.

Now she's together with stuff hiding the joint of the human body to the Huntress body. I'm not sure where the furry bit came from, but it fits nicely. To help stabilize her and make sure she stays on the base I used one of Alex Bates' sherden shields to act as a base widener for her pointy 'feet.'

On her back is a scorpion-handled sheathed knife that I also forget the source of. You can see the battle debris on the base a little better from this angle. There's the sherden shield that's broken and the Huntress has one of her feet sticking through the shield. Also, to add to the vignette, there's a spear (actually a long pole and a dagger blade glued close together to look like a spear) that's bent a little.

Then there's these bits. The mini is finished and painted, but I will hold off for a couple days to build the suspense...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shining Chariot 3- Blazing Horizon FINISHED!

Based, sealed, and ready to go. Blazing Horizon took part in the WarGods Pandora's Box World Campaign Finale at GenCon on Saturday. It didn't die right away and it looked great...

The Phoenix Banner with my unpatented 'strawsheath system' to hold it in place. The banner pole slips into the strawsheath which is over the chariot's short banner pole. This makes storage very easy and the banner can be used as an objective or something when it's in the "base-sheath."

Coming very soon, Shining Chariot 4, Sidereal Gloam. Also a little something for Alex? ;)