Saturday, October 30, 2010

Companion Blog Launched & Finished Jedi Girls

Since Webshots is WAAAY too expensive for their service and there are WAAAY too many ads on it, I've canceled my "Premium" membership there and decided to launch another blog with pics of newly painted figs for sale on ebay.

Minismith's Minis for Ebay

I've been painted figs to sell on ebay for some time now and I think it's helped my painting skills enhance some.

Also I finished (basing, sealing, etc.) and presented the Hasslefree "Not-Jedi" girls to my girls. Nothing fancy on the bases, though- I couldn't think of anything that would look worthwhile other than a big "M" that was half on one and half on the other. Kinda lame.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Horrible Halloween Minis- Birthday Secret Jedi Girls

Marissa and Mychala NEVER check here unless I'm right there and say "hey, you should see this mini I put on my blog. That said I would not be surprised if they both came here before their joint birthday party and saw these. But I haven't decided what to do with the bases yet (maybe a design that matches up on them so if they're side by side they look even cooler?)- so at least that will be a surprise...

Marissa turned 16 (?!?!!?) earlier in October, so she got the older of the two Hasslefree 'not-Jedi Kids' girls. For both of them I cut off the sword and used a bit of brass pin for the lightsabers. They're so small/short that the lightsaber had to stick over the edge of the base. It looks cool but was a BLEEP! to get the length just right.

My young twin Mychala turns 12 BLEEP! on my birthday in November. It sort of fits with her having the pigtails 'not-Jedi girl' since she's youngest. Plus the mini is shouting which kinda fits Mychala well because her 'blabber is full.' She got a blue cloak and lightsaber because that's her favorite color and she always gets what she wants. ;P

I hope they like them. Now I have to find a fig that I can use as a Jedi conversion of me so we can play some Jedi duels or something!

Monday, October 25, 2010

More horrible Halloween Minis- Lots

These are all up on eBay (or recently were-- seller name- minismith) but they sort of fit the Halloween theme. Enjoy!

First up an ancient mini from Heartbreaker. He's some sort of Undead warrior-king sorceror, with a swirling orb of doom, or something. He was recently touched up to make a bit more fancy-looking and rebased on a more fitting sized base.

This is the second version of this awesome early Kev White Void Militia Chick I've painted. It's similar to the first one because the first one looked pretty good...

A horrible scuttling Arakton Chick. Half-crab half-human she's ready to eat your brain...

And from the Warmachine line of figs, one of the Witches that came with that big orb of death thing.

These are all up on eBay (or recently were-- seler name- minismith) but they sort of fit the Halloween theme. Enjoy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horrible Halloween Minis 2- Witch and Rock Muppets

The next installment of scary Halloweenish minis is here! This one is from the USX line of modern minis, I forget the actual name but it's something like "...Cult Leader." I prefer to think of her as a "Modern Urban Goth Witch."

I couldn't get a good shot of the back of the book- it has mean 'living' faces on each cover (with glowing eyes). This is a pretty good shot of the inside with whatever spell she's weaving...

And as a bonus, 2 To-Tanem Spearmen conversions. The first is a plain TT warrior who has a nice hat and the second is a TT Spear Standard bearer with the standard replaced with a spear. Both the spears are from the old Warhammer plastic Skeleton box set. My To-Tanem Spears are going to be a mixed equipment unit (like most of my units) because I like the feel of a group of individuals for most of my WarGods troops...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Next Unit Contest 2- Heirakonpolis Archers- Standard and Musician

This is a break from the "Horrible Halloween Minis" thing to bring you the latest figs for the Next Unit Contest 2. The Standard and Musician for the Heirakonpolis-themed Asar Archers.

I've got a handful of Warhawks (not enough for a full unit) and the musician is one of them. I figured since the Archer Unit is going to be Heirakonpolis-themed that a guy with a falcon helmet was a good idea for the musician.

For the Standard, I took the top from the female Basti MoW's staff and put it in place of the standard Asar standard (it seems a little too big to me). So now we've got a Scarab Standard for the Archers. Even though this guy looks good and fits the theme of the unit, he's probably going to be a floater once I finish an Archer chick with a standard.

This brings the unit total to 8 leaving 4 more to reach our goal! I need to go paint now...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Horrible Halloween Minis 1 - Hareball Titan Master

For October I hope to have weekly updates of scary minis (or just minis that are finished!) to help set the Halloween mood, or something like that.

First up is a freaking massive Hareball from Fortress Figures. I don't think any of these were actually released, but my awesome secret contacts (thanks Roe!) smuggled one to me at GenCon in August. This guy is metal and just under 2" tall from the base to the tip of his ears. I decided to put him on a 50x50mm base so he could act as Titan Master in my non-traditional Titan Warband for WarGods of Olympus. There are some smaller Hareballs that will serve as his unit of Titan Slaves- I'm thinking of going with themed units for the Warband so this will make for a good start...

This guy is not as tall as the actual Crocodile Games Titan Masters, but he is very large compared to a standard 28mm human, as you can see here facing off against a WarGods Spartan Captain.

And here he is up against a Sebeki Warrior.

I have no idea what scary miniature will be coming up next time, but it will be a miniature of some kind.