Thursday, May 13, 2010

Foam Rocky Outcrops DONE and Multiplied!

These turned out way better than I expected. They're by no means the greatest generic rock terrain ever, but they'll do the job without bringing shame to me.

There were only going to be three of these, but because it turned out to be so easy to throw together I did two more. Now I've got five generic rocky outcroppings for all sorts of settings.

Here a Void Synth and a Warzone Bauhaus Blitzer prepare to go up against a superior force...

Here we have two Satyrs sniping at an approaching Spartan Phalanx...

Here two StarGods Assessors face off, a Rebel and a Loyalist- only one will walk away...

This is the first 'bonus' rocky outcrop. Instead of a regular sized CD this is on one of those mini CDs. Since it's a smaller base I decided the rock should be pretty big. A Starfleet Security guy and the Grymn Pirate Chick, Sola, search for an alien menace...

The other 'bonus' rocky outcrop, this one's just a variant on the earlier versions. Some Stormtroopers on patrol on some backwater world...

Well another Lame Terrain Project that hopefully showed how easy it is to have some passable terrain to spice up your gaming. Ideas for other "Lame" terrain projects are welcome.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foam Rocky Outcrops Painted

Painting the foam spongy rocks was a lot less trouble than I expected. They did take several hours to fully dry, but the results seem pretty good.

They look pretty much like rocks.

They provide blocking obstacles.

And they fit well with 28mm figures.
Next up is the basing and these will be done and ready to use in good conscience.