Small Desert Type Buildings- Lame Terrain

Several years ago I made some quick small buildings out of cardboard to make a village for a specific scenario. Those are all long gone now and I realized I "needed" some new ones but better and more generic for use in multiple genres. So I used some foamboard to cobble together a few little buildings. 

I mixed up some texture paste without rocks this time to help fill in the gaps and give some strength and texture to the structures. 

On this little building (animal shelter?) I added a roof from plasticard. 

The painting was simple drybrushing lighter Browns until I was satisfied. 

This building has a little odd corner that I thought looked cool.

The various miniatures to show scale are all 28mm from various manufacturers. Now I need to make lots more to have a sizable collection for a nice skirmish setup. I picture roof-to-roof chases and tight alleyway fights.


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