Olde Rifts Cyborg


I've had this old metal Rifts miniature in a box of other robots/cyborg miniatures for at least 20 years. It was always a daunting-looking assembly that I've successfully avoided. For some reason I decided to pull an all-nighter and tackle it recently.

He originally came with a detestable integral thick base. That needed a blood sacrifice to be removed successfully (my thumb still hurts). The right arm with the gun had a different little underslung canister that broke off while I was filing it to remove a big mold line. I replaced it with a resin bit. 

Then there were the cool little tube things that were meant to go into the holes on his back. I planned to drill into each one and pin them into the holes. But the metal was very resistant to drilling and I gave up. I went with a combination of super glue and UV resin. This seems to be pretty strong and I did the same with the gun arm.

It's a charming old sculpt that fits nicely with more modern minis. Heck, a cyborg guy is a cyborg guy no matter how old the sculpt is. Above he is with various sci-fi minis- GW Space Marine, Raging Heroes Jailbird, Victoria Miniatures, and Frostgrave converted space Gnoll. Below he is with some other bots and borg minis- 3d printed Papsikles, Antenociti's Workshop, Rogue Stars, and Diehard Minis.


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