Tech Bazaar Project 02- First Painted Pieces


A little progress on the Tech Bazaar with these 4 pieces. A couple of robots and a couple of freestanding tall things are a good beginning to the sprawling Tech Bazaar...

First let's look at the scratchbuilt 'hoverbarrow' robot- KC. 

Here's KC with the Wandering Techpriest to show just how big the hoverbarrow is.

Next is the short cannisters piece. I presume these are some sort of transfer tanks for chemicals or something. They're made from two kinds of glucometer tesrt strip containers with bits and pieces to tech them up.

Here we see the Wandering Techpriest being stalked by a couple of Vermyn...

Now for a random flying robot. This is from Bombshell Miniatures and has been assembled and primed for way too long. I decided he'd fit in with the Tech Bazaar since he's a robot.

Finally, the centerpiece of this batch of the Tech Bazaar is the 'Cetofin Tank.' Made from mainly an aspirin bottle and a Del Monte fruit cup.

The observation deck is made out of a makeup container base. The little computer screen on the observation deck probably controls the flow of Cetofin for loading into a transport. The big screen along the base is probably more for emergency communications or news/propaganda rather than to control the tank.

Here we have a couple of the Fakaero on the observation deck and the Wandering Techpriest checking the latest weather data down below...


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