Sci-Fi Nun with a Chainsword (Raging Heroes Davidian)

From the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy second Kickstarter, one of the Davidians (basically Sisters Repentia). I've been afraid of painting many of the Raging Heroes figures because they're so great that I don't want to mess them up (it's a little known fact that acrylic paints have been known to cause well-sculpted miniatures to explode no matter what material they're cast in). 

I started painting this Davidian while I was working on these guys (the Angelhead Archivists) so her 'robes' got the green treatment because I liked how that looked on them. I think it looks good on her.

What will she be used for? Well she's got a big chainsword, so whatever she wants. She will easily fit into a random Inquisitorial warband.

Here we see the Davidian with a couple of normal guys.

And here she is with an Inquisitrix and Space Marine.

Hopefully getting her done will help me get the courage to start finishing off more of the TGG Kickstarter figures. We'll see.


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