A Couple Aliens Plus 1 (Minismith Roulette Round 2)

Round 2 of the Minismith Roulette is done with the two aliens that were chosen and a little friend they picked up on the way...

Here are the two figures that were chosen from the random rolls for this round of Minismith Roulette. Both were rebased from their original, less exciting bases- the chunky guy had his integral base removed and got a 30mm round base because he's a bit chunky, if a little short; the Hydrissian got a 25mm scenic base topper from an unremembered source glued onto one of the Warlord Games flatter 25mm bases, these both added up to roughly the same height of a standard 25mm base from my collection.

I've taken to thinking of this chunky guy as a "Zerithananian Battle Clone." The sculpt is a little cartoony but looks okay with the dark pink skin, I think. There's a tattoo on his left shoulder that I didn't quite ghet a good enough picture of, sorry for that.

I really liked the Hydrissians when they came out long long ago, sadly I think this is the only one I've got in my collection (there may be another one hiding somewhere in a box). I wanted to do brighter colors than I usually go with and I like how the harness thing came out with the yellows and the orange hazard thing on the back. This non-human technician will be a welcome addition to the spaceport denizens.

Finally, here's the 'Plus 1' who just happened to get finished around the same time as the other two. From Reaper Bones (the 4th Kickstarter maybe) he's just a random alien guy with a gun, but then I thought maybe he's the Chief Inspector for the spaceport security force. He started taking on a vaguely Andy Sipowicz vibe...

Here we have a couple of humans with the three aliens to show how they all stack up together. I forget exactly where the guy with the bolter came from but the female is from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Round 3 rolls have already been made- I think we'll start showing the rolls and figures and completed figures all in one post from now on. Those should be done soonish.


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