2020 Totals & Minismith Roulette Stunt

 To close out 2020 I wanted to look at what all got painted throughout the year. I totalled up the minis completed and presented here as well as on the WarGods minis focused sister blog Duelling Scrolls. I also thought I should separate things that would be considered terrain and vehicles for a more complex breakdown of 2020 miniatures. Now to the tallies:

Minismith's Forge painted minis - 74

Duelling Scrolls painted minis - 68

Terrain and Vehicles - 15


That's probably the most painted minis in a year for quite some time. 

Looking forward to 2021, I plan to attack the unpainted backlog by instituting a variation of Goobertown Roulette created by Brent at Goobertown Hobbies. But this is kind of totally different. Let's take a look at how the Minismith Roulette stunt game will work. 

We start with this box that I picked up years ago at an office place going out of business sale. It's got 2 sides with 23 storage cells on each side (it's weird because each row has 3 cells but one row on each side has 2 of the cells combined with no divider).  I've labeled one side as 'Odds' and the other as 'Evens' to help sort out the first roll.

 I'm using a D8 and a D3 (yes an ACTUAL 3-sided die I picked up at GenCon sometime) for all the rolls needed to randomize the miniature that will be painted each round.

The "Rules" of Minismith Roulette-
Step 1- roll the D8 and go to either the Odds or Evens side of the box depending on the results. 

Step 2- roll the D8 and go to that row

Step 3- roll the D3 and go to that cell 

Step 4- choose a mini from that cell and paint it

But how/why are all these minis in this weird box? Well there was a very urgent move for medical reasons (about 1 week from when it was decided and the move happened, luckily it was within the same building but moving almost always sucks) so the painting table needed to be quickly and carefully cleared. This box was one of the containers that could best hold most of the unpainted throng. A careful 30 minutes or so and the box was filled.

Now that the painting desk has been reconstituted with a fresh new design (except for unpacking the paints), it's time to get something painted. Let's roll!

The D8 is an 8- so we go to the EVEN side.

The second D8 is a 3- so we go to the third row.

And the D3 is a 1- 

So here are the minis from that cell. 

I almost cheated and rerolled because I didn't really feel like any of these would be enjoyable- then I realized I could rebase the two Fire Dragons (one is already completed but he could be updated and then 2 for the price of 1!).So these two Fire Dragons are going to be the first round of Minismith Roulette, hopefully they will be done soon. Maybe a time limit of 1 week from the roll should be added to the rules. We'll finish these 2 and see how it goes...


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