JAGU Big Boris from Heresy Miniatures

From Heresy Miniatures Kickstarter from some years ago I finally got the "Job's A Good 'Un" Big Boris finished. He's HUGE (supposed to be half-ogre, so yeah, he's friggin' huge).
A pretty straightforward paintjob on Boris. I resisted the urge to do some tattoos or body paint or blood splashes because it si such a nice sculpt.
There was also an urge to make the axe look magically glowy or something. but I resisted. But I do like how his not-Eye of Sauron belt buckle turned out.
I wanted to put him on a fancy base, so found this big (40mm?) resin scenic base from Scibor that looked like a nice fit.

Some comparisons to show just how HUGE Boris is: above- Boris with some Dark Fable ladies on 20mm square bases. Below Boris meets the Demigod of Dionysus from Crocodile Games (on a 25mm square base).
Below- Boris next to Chewbacca. If Chewie was standing upright he'd be taller, but Boris is very wide.


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