5 Chicks de Mayo Stunt- Intro

I've been thinking about doing this for  about a month, it's lame but it will help get these female minis painted for my own collection quicker than if I just let them hang around on the painting table until I felt the time was right for them to get paint.
So the painting stunt is this- I'll get one painted for each week in May. This really has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo other than there are roughly 5 weeks this month, so 5 female minis to get painted. Sure 2 are already partly painted, but they've been partly painted for over 3 years!

Left to right-
+Spy Chick Conversion (added a pistol hand to this Steve Buddle sculpt after removing the knife hand she was sculpted with)
+Chronoscope Femme Fatale (no changes)
+Tale of War Jannet (she came with a hokey stick- I gave her a pistol hand from the bits box)
+Wyrd Miniatures' Perdita Otega (no changes)
+Iron Kingdoms Female Gunfigter (no changes)

There you go, 5 female minis that will all hopefully be done sometime this month (preferably one a week). Keep watching for updates...


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