Lame Terrain- Small Well Objective

The Lame Terrain series is "lame" in the sense that it's lame how easy these things are and they don't look too bad. Hopefully my efforts will inspire others to do simple terrain projects like these...

28mm WarGods figure for scale.

Overhead view, the well is made of 2 or 3 plastic washers glued together and gaps filled with putty. the jars are all metal beads.

 Tebbi the Archer confronts a Priest of Apophis attempting to poison the well. Tebbi likely wants to get a drink before the Evil Priest adds the poison...

The base is a trimmed used gift card of some kind, it's about 45mm square.


  1. How did you texture the water? I accidentally achieved something similar when using tissue paper and PVA to add texture into a swamp I was building.

    1. It was a couple of coats of satin sealer. A little extra on the brush without cleaning up the too think areas.


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