Lame Terrain Project 1 - Pillar Bases DONE!

The second Pillar base is done and ready to be used and abused on the tabletop. It’s blue-themed, so that’s different from the more reddish themed first base.

It’s not as clear as I would have liked in the pictures, but the white ring around the base of the pillars is marbled. I had planned on putting some words in greek or hieroglyphs (or both) saying something silly like “your ad here” or “no entry” or “wrong way” or any number of other messages. In the end I went with the marbling so they’d be so generic they’d fit in almost anywhere…

Here are both pillar bases side by side with a Typhon and a Heru defending their specific pillars. I still have quite a few of these pillars, so any interesting terrain ideas are encouraged - or I could just make 4 or five more of these. I hope I’ve shown how easy it is to make something as ‘lame’ as two plastic cake pillars look pretty good.


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