Tinker Turf Cargo Containers

I finally got all of the Tinker Turf printed cardstock terrain put together. It was pretty quick and easy and best of all I didn't have to paint it.

This cargo container was the first I assembled (and I messed up a couple bits but it was a learning experience). I decided to magnetize one of the ends because that would be cool. It turned out okay. 

These other two containers went together flawlessly and look great. I assembled them with the doors sealed to avoid any potential losses in the future.

These two box carriers and their boxes went together pretty easily too. The various sized boxes can be used on the carriers as well as loose on the tabletop. 

Finally is the liquid container. It came with two options to be the liquid container. I decided to do something with the unused liquid container and some of the other leftover bits to get a freestanding liquid container. Nothing quite as satisfying as getting an extra piece out of a kit.

Finally, I thought it would be useful to get one of the Reaper Bones cargo containers next to the Tinker Turf stuff for an interesting scale comparison.


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