The Well of Chaos

From one of the Reaper Bones Kickstarters, this terrain piece had been calling to me for far too long. I finally succumbed to the call of the Well of Chaos. Thus my doom to paint it was sealed.

I found a nice big round base because I wanted there to be room for a regular figure or two to stand right up next to the well to perform rituals, or whatever, so I found a 50mm base and textured it up after the Well was in place.

Lots of layers of drybrushing and then a wash followed by some more drybrushing and some detail work. I tried to make the well look really deep but I'm not totally pleased with how that effect came out. to make to water look wet I gave that part a coat of gloss varnish after hitting the rest with matte.

Here we see the Well of Chaos as two Priests of Aten Revealed prepare their dark ritual.

And since the fancy head on the well made me think of the Alens from the movies, here it is with a few Xenomorphs...


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