Sci-Fi Cargo Container and Objective Markers

A mix of clutter for ultramodern and scifi games.

From Antenociti's Workshop,their line f pre-painted laser cut terrain for Infinity- the first of 2 Aleph cargo containers. It comes as a sheet of laser cut wood (above) covered in some masking tape type stuff that you peel away to reveal the paint job underneath. There was a little confusion with the assembly, but once I figured out which panel went where ti sliped together nicely.

Comparison shots with a Repaer Bones more traditionally shaped cargo container.

Some Reaper and Mantic figures to help show the size of the container.

From Kabuki Models, a scenic base that will work well as an objective marker (some kind of containment device or detached vehicle engine/thruster).

Comparison shots with some minis. Above- Colony 87 and Pulp Figures; Below- converted Heroclix and Heresy Miniatures.

Finally, from the DragonForge "Goth Tech Expansions" is the special Ammo Objective Marker.

Comparison shots with some minis. Above- Reaper Bones and Heroclix repaint; Below- 2 Hasslefree Space Dwarf Adventurers.


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