More Not-Daleks - D1Ks mk2- Step-by-step

After the first 2 were done I had a few ideas to make the construction of these not-Daleks a little quicker.
 Starting out with these used finger stickers, I use a little craft glue and Gorilla superglue to secure the pointy bit in the base to make sure no horrible accidents occur when their on the gaming table.

Next, using some filler paint (Spectra) I fill the back open sections so there's not a large gap anymore. I then cut a plastic coffee stirrer to size to cover the area that's just been filled.

 After the power pack has been glued and the gap between the base and the main body has been filled with Spectra, I cut the pointy bits off of some plastic spears and cut the spears to an appropriate length for the arm/weapon. Gluing the D1Ks to 25mm round bases is the last step before priming and painting...

 The completed mk2s.

The growing D1K population (insert ominous music).

In action, the D1Ks have started rounding up the humans. Resistance leads to elimination!


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