More Science and a couple Bombshell Sidekicks

 First up, one of the Bombshell Sidekicks I'm calling Brainsquid.

Looks like he's gotten the drop on this Hasslefree fig!

Another Bombshell Sidekick, I really like this lil' guy too,

Comparison shot with a Hasslefree mini.

 From the very olde minis game of mad scientists, here we have a couple of devices that will help spice up any sci-fi, pulp or steampunk games...

A comparison shot with various scientist types.

And finally, Schyler the science-dude from Hasslefree.


  1. That little robot is great for 15mm scale as well. And the hassled Hasslefree lab tech is pretty much the miniature mascot for all of us who do science for a living...


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