3 Scientists, a Witch, and some Ammo Crates

Finally the last 2 Black Cat Bases figures I won from the TMP Daily Poll prize a couple years ago) are done!

First is the self-experiment Scientist I've dubbed Doktor Koax. He looks like he would fit in VSF games, WWW2/pulp, Cyberpunk, supers, or sci-fi. He's an all around useful figure...

Then there's the female scientist, Dr Ivy Alura. I trimmed the hanging sheet of paper from her clipboard and painted it to look like a tablet computer.

Next up is my first painted Bombshell Babes mini from the Kickstarter, Dr Helen Salinger.

 Then a Hasslefree mini I've been stalled on for months, 'not-Willow' a powerful young witch. I like her...

 Finally, also from the Bombshell Kickstarter, the Ammo Dump objective marker.


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