SciFi Crates, 28mm Self Portrait, and 2 Hunger Game Repaints

A good batch of stuff that was finished on Sunday night!

These 4 "boxes" are from a batch of plastic spaceships and clix that Alex Bates sent me quite some time ago thanks Alex!). I finally got the inspiration to use them as some crates for ultramodern/sci-fi games. I figure I'll use them as objectives or "find the space-puppy before he suffocates" markers. Each one is different to add some spice to whatever setting they're used for...

 This Void Militia guy was previously meant to have a high-tech AK rifle, but then I saw the awesome book bit and decided the conversion must be recalled and reconverted. So a bit of cutting and snipping and filing to get rid of the cast on butt of the original rifle gave me a nice empty arm to mount the spellbook on...

It's a "self portrait" because I have a coat that is pretty much the same design as this one (including the red hood) that I've had and loved for over 20 years (what the crap?! I'm olde!).

 I do love doing scrolls and books but I always have trouble trying to decide what to put in htem. This one has a nice 2-page spread of a vague big dragon or serpent with text around it. Some kind of summoning spell? Or maybe a spell to trap the monster.

Finally, the first 2 Hunger Games rebase/repaints are done!

They're pretty plain sculpts that I tried to spice up with color and variety. I'm trying to stay away from the original colors they had. Some of the others will definitely have shiny metallic clothes to show that they're from the future...


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