2010 WarGods Event Mini Artifex Done!

Who's this hanging out at the "Forge of the Minismith" special terrain feature? Why it's the 2010 Event Mini from Crocodile games!

It's pretty sad that this guy I picked up at GenCon a few weeks ago has been converted and painted up while the normal Artifex mini has been partially painted for over a year.

I tried to give the weapon he's working on a glowing white hot metal look. I'm not sure how good it came out but it doesn't look horrible. at least.

I toyed with the idea of putting a goofy hieroglyphic message on his apron ("kiss the artifex" or "I do it with molten metal") but I decided against it since he's kind of serious. He was really fun to paint, I think I may have to finish off the rest of my To-Tanem now (spears and the official Artifex sculpt).


  1. Cool mini Clarke. I dig your color choices on this. Is there a glow effect on the blade?

  2. There is but I'm not sure how good a glowing effect it is. I don't have a really good picture of it but you can sort of see parts of the 'white hot' in several pictures.


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