Crocodile Games Modern Zombie Attack!


Modern zombies from Crocodile Games. I've painted at least a couple of these before, but over the last 6 days I've been participating in the #zombodilegames stunt to paint these guys. And they're done and ready for some brains...

Zombie 1 is "Zombby McBeal" because I'm olde and remember that would be funny to some people. I painted another one of her long ago with radioactive waste neon green skin. I think she's in a foam tray someplace. 

Zombie 2 is a shoeless guy with some ribs showing.

Zombie 3 is the first ombie Cop.

Zombie 4 is the second Zombie Cop, together they fight undead crimes and eat brains...

Zombie 5 is the "5G Zombie" because of her cellphone...

And Zombie 6 is a wacky guy with a multi-colored jacket and khakis. I pictured him as a street magician doing the motions of his act as he shambles for brains.


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