2 More Popcorn Tub Towers!

Popcorn tubs from Dollar Tree are 2 for 1 measly little dollar. So why not get some to make some buildings to help slow movement and block line-of-sight on the gaming table?

These tubs are about 6.75" tall and 3.5" wide. Learning from the original test piece from too long ago, I decided to use some wooden coffee stirrers glued along the edges where the annoying scallops are to present a more solid-looking structure. Wooden coffee stirrers also serve to represent the doors to the street and to the roof- except on the one to the left...

Here's the official 2nd Popcorn Tub Tower- showing off it's rooftop door so minis can have access to drop things on people or shoot at them from the high ground.

The official 3rd Popcorn Tub Tower benefitted from me remembering there was a Trash Bash Bit that would work really well on the roof. This grate looks pretty great.

Below we have these 2 new buildings with the original (touched up a bit from it's debut  back in this post from 2015). The variation in height and colors works well, I think. The original also appeared in this other post from 2015, for those archiving things like that.

Blackclaw confronts the Sleazy Merchant in the streets of Pharos. The Merchant smiles broadly announcing that his goons are just inside both buildings ready to come to his aid.
Blackclaw can't help but giggle at his own joke about an "eye in the sky" of his own. Tebbi the Archer is perched on one the buildings ready to let loose arrow after arrow if needed to protect his partner. Our antiheroes seem to have the upper hand on the Sleazy Merchant....

Daleks assaulting through the district looking for someone to exterminate, no doubt...

The Governor and his Retinue are strolling through the downhive areas.
As we pull back we can see how insignificant event these members of the ruling elite are inthe grand scheme...

There are still several more of these (at those prices how can you NOT get several?) so I expect some additional variations on the theme will be coming someday. Suggestions welcome.


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