HiTech Minis: (not 40K) Tech Mystic, Navigatrix, and Advisor

I've been looking at HiTech Miniatures line of not-40K miniatures for some time. I really like their non-Space Marine types and came across these 3 on eBay earlier this year. 
These are all from the "Universal Soldier" heading on their website.

I've been slowly building and planning several small warbands for Inquisitor28-style skirmish gaming (sadly no actual gaming yet because of my lack of painting time). These 3 are the start of a Navigator Retinue (Navigatrix, but I don't have a name for her yet).

First up, the Tech-Mystic Engineer (Acolyte Orion Kaa) with his cool glowy electro-ball thing. I considered mechanicus-like cog designs on his robes, but I liked the more simple greens.

Next is Advisor Melchior. Not sure what his role will be in the Navigatrix's retinue yet. It started out all blue but then I decided I wanted to mix it up for future fashion and switched the sleeves and hat to the purples.

Finally we have the Navigatrix (Soothsayer Sybilla). Whatever interesting body modifications (natural or otherwise) she has are concealed by her robes. I realized when she was almost complete that paint scheme was subliminally inspired by Queen Amidala.

Governor Tashkent and his retinue of fellow Colony 87 characters greet the Navigatrix and her retinue...


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