Tech-Priestess and Gun Servitors for the Emneric (Not-Mechanicus) Warband

A trio of conversions for my not-Mechanicus Warband.

First up a simple conversion to a Battleball (sci-fi fantasy football miniatures boardgame) figure. The main part is the removal of his right arm and the addition of an old metal Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Nimrod Autocannon. It put him a little off balance, but that was counteracted with the addition of some ballast under the left side of the base.

Next, another Battleball figure conversion. This one has a headswap and the addition of a GW plastic weapon arm.

Finally a Tech Priestess. This is a very minor conversion of a Warmachine Cryx figure. I removed the half skeleton that her big mechanical arm was holding. Also added a tiny optical implant to her left eye and did some other minor modifications.


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