Klaus and N1KK0 - Astropolis Figures

When I backed the Astropolis Kickstarter I thought "what can I do with these guys that are sitting?" Then they arrived and I started playing around with boxes and other terrain bits I have. I then had the brilliant idea of puttingthem together on a little hover platform full of salvaged tech (aka junk).

Multiple parts went into the construction. 'Floater Blue 6' is actually a Hunger Games not-Clix figure base flipped upside down. I need to use more of these leftover bits for other floaters.
The junk on the back of Floater Blue 6 are various bits and actual junk I've collected over the years to give a good mix of useful salvage for the guys.

The guys themselves I dubbed N1KK0 (the lil' robot) and Klaus (the lil' salvager guy). I decided they would fit in with a small warband of tech/cyborg wanderers called the Dysprosian Brotherhood.

The base is one of the CMON/Micro Art Studios plastic scenic bases.

Some comparison vignettes- this one the Scroll Traveller meets Klaus and N1KK0 in an alien landscape.

Klaus and N1KK0 stumble across a couple of Biotronics (not-Cybermen) in a space junkyard.


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