Macrocosm Malignancy- The First 3 (Not-Genestealer Cult Minis)

These three guys were the test figures for what is to come with the rest of the Malignancy Warband (basically a Genestealer Cult not by GW before they decided to bring back Genestealer Cults recently) from the Macrocosm Miniatures Kickstarter.

I think I'm keeping the red armor for the bulk of the Warband. The skin may get a little more pale with the next batch. I think the mix of clothing colors will remain. The Genestealer-ish arms will keep the deep blue color because I like how it reminds me of the olden days of Genestealers.

These figures are pretty nice, but a few have some annoying mold lines that need some extra attention with needle files to clean up. Some of the rifle barrels are easily bendable but they can be bent back into place with minimal effort. I like them and I think they fit in with some other recent Rogue Trader themed modern minis.


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