Another Paintscheme Test for Dwarven Forge Game Tiles

This time it is called "Tomb of Cherkiti" because it's meant to be somewhat Ægyptian-y.

Some comparison shots with various minis...

Finally, a side-by-side of the "Tomb of Cherkiti" and the "Halls of the Mushroom Sage" schemes. I'm thinkiing of splitting it down the middle like this for most of the rest of the (millions!!) of tiles left, until I get crazy enough to try the "Funkadelik Dunjeon" scheme I'm trying to suppress...


  1. Not sure if what is in the pic is the intended color or not, but it looks pink. I would stick with the first batch, Mushroom Sage. I would think if you were going egyptian'ish. You would go for a more sandstone color.


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