100th Post Extravaganza

100 posts?

Lets go for another hundred then.

First off the Extravaganza part of this 100th post--
Okay, it's only a comparison pic of the Aspect of the Huntress conversion and the much earlier Aspect of the Defendrix conversion for WarGods. The one has a size advantage but the other is scrappy...

From GencCon 2011, the Crocodile Games Crypt Lord Event Mini. Finally painted to add to the shambling horde of undead for WarGods.

And finally, another Lame Terrain piece I'm calling the "Multigenre Can."

Based on a standard CD. This thing can represent anything from a bit of space debris that made it through the atmosphere to an ancient unknowable ruin to pretty much anything in between and beyond

Kabal Troopers (Warzone plastic Ducal Militia) secure their objective to recover whatever cargo survived the impact...

Two Nekharu Warriors stand guard as the Priest of Apophis begins his chant to awaken the beast nestled withing this ancient ruin from the previous age...

And finally, the Minismith attempts to seal the unthinkable cosmic horrors back into their extra-dimensional prison...


  1. Ah, I love generic terrain. Great stuff, and congrats on the 100 posts milestone.


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