Lame Terrain- SciFimpediments 4 Boxes Completed

After suggestions on the WIP pics for how to jazz these sprue containers up some I've finally gotten some of them finished. the small taller ones will be coming soon with a mix of "walls" and plants, I think.

All 4 of the completed boxes in a haphazard arrangement  with various scifi minis to show the scale. With other terrain these should add to a nice scifi setting for a firefight...

The blue boxes were painted the same because of the ability to stack them to create one really tall box. I have no idea what the alien markings mean or say.

I tried to give this one a weathered sort of look. For some reason I like this one best of all.

Finally the steel box. This was the first of the 4 to be painted. I added "walls to it to see hw they'd turn out. After the last plasticard wall was in place I decided it was more trouble than it's worth to try to make these look solid from the sides. Again, I have no idea what the alien writing says...


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