Jokaero Family Group Completed

The latest of the Black Cat Bases order I got (about a year ago) for winning the TMP poll prize through no fault of my own. These 3 orangutans were screaming to be converted into Jokaero from the mists of Rogue Trader 40K days. See the first part of the project HERE.

The juvenile Jokaero, not very decked out yet. He does have a digital weapon on his left hand, though.

The female. I've decided to call the tentacle things 'manipulators' because I'd guess they have many functions including holding things and moving them around when the Jokaero are building stuff.

Finally the male Jokaero with his massive monocle/optic implant. I think he's just barely my favorite of all three.

Of course now I'm thinking I need to find several more Jokaero to create a larger family group or tribe of them just because it would be fun and exciting...


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