Lame Terrain 3.5- More Market Bases

An extension of the previous Market Bases project. I'm mostly out of the beads now, so future expansions of the market terrain will have to wait.

This time I measured the card so I'd have 2 40x40mm bases. But the gift card shape is more than 80mm long so one is actually a little bigger because I didn't want to waste it and it's only off by a few mm. Then there were the 2 short strips that I decided would be a nice addition to the whole market base set. I have no idea how big they are because I didn't measure them.

This is the 40mm square base with Memnon the Blameless.

Here we have the 2 small bases (they're probably about 40mm long and 10mm wide?) with the Priest of Aten Revealed mini from GenCon 2009. He can't believe the prices!

Finally the 43x45mm (or whatever it is) not quite square, again with Memnon.

I set up a small market scene with Memnon and the Atenist Priest vying for the Stone Age Venus Figurine by Forge of Ice.

A mini's eye view of the confrontation.

These should help break up easy avenues on the tabletop, but I think more are needed if only for variety's sake. Hopefully I'll have a battle report or two soon with these in the pictures...


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