He's NOT Cable- An Updated Void Marine

While messing around with the Sewta update I became obsessed with some of my old Void miniatures and thoughts of updating them as well. the first one to actually get an update is this Viridian Marine I painted up as an homage to the character Cable from the various X-Men comics. He's an homage so he wasn't meant to be an exact copy of Cable- I named him Korde to avoid any confusion.

I got some bits together that I thought would make him even more Cable-like than the simple paintjob from 2001. First came the targeting scopes for his rifle. I figured if I couldn't easily convert the gun into a massively oversized Cable-type of gun I could at least give it a couple of scopes to help bulk it up a little.

Next was the high-tech backpack. His back looked pretty bare so I added one of the original plastic 40K Space Marine techy bits as a backpack. It's got lights and vents and stuff, who knows what they do but they look impressive.

Finally came the headset. In a flash of brilliant insanity I came across the ton of Dark Eldar spiky bits that I figured I would never use and something made me put part of one on the side of his head. It looks like a high-tech headset! Now I've started putting similar bits on most of my previously painted Viridian Marines- it's become an obsession...

Next came the touch up painting here and there- darkened the pants, lightened the shirt, added stripes to the gloves, put lines on the cyber arm, added scars around his right eye...

So now he's basically finished. But since I've seen the pictures I think there are a couple more touch up things to do before he gets some matte sealer. I'm pretty happy with how his update turned out.

Next up either a finished Sewta Update or an awesome Androsynth conversion.


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