Sandworm and Silverbacks

 Reaper Bones Purple Worm painted as a sandworm with a multi-genre basing system...

 The multi-genre basing system consists of a 60mm round base (for most sci-fi type skirmishes, etc.) that nests onto a 60mm square base (for most fantasy games).

 Some comparison shots. Above a Harbinger of Isis takes on the Sandworm. Below, the time travelling adventurers Zehuti and Somarra are surprised by the Sandworm's sudden entrance.

From Dust Tactics these Axis Gorillas have been removed from their integral bases and mounted on 25mm square bases. I also glued their loose hands in place before arranging them so they would present a nice unit formation for WarGods of Ægyptus.

 This last one is my favorite of the 3 poses.

And a comparison shot of the 3 silverbacks advancing on the anti-hero Tebbi the Archer.


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